CustomKeys (2013)

CustomKeys is a customizable, Arduino-based polyphonic synthesizer that uses capacitive touch sensing. Each key is made of a conductive material that signals the synthesizer to emit a tone from the speaker when touched. The CustomKeys library allows the user to choose an 8-note musical scale for the keys, and users have a creative choice on the body design of their CustomKeys synth. Users can work with a provided laser cutter template or use any other material as long as the basic requirements for the system to function are met.

CustomKeys Instructable

Sock Stepper (2010)

The Sock Stepper is a sock that functions as a pedometer. Three analog pressure sensors, based on a design by Hannah Perner-Wilson, send output to a SparkFun uLog as users run, skip, or walk. The data is then visualized with a Processing program. After I completed the Sock Stepper, I converted it into a controller for a two-player game of Snake, which I made from scratch in Processing as a personal challenge.

Two Player Snake
uLog Information

"Day and Night" Lilypad Arduino Demonstrator (2010)

Made with materials such as wood, felt, and conductive thread, this "day and night" decoration showcases some capabilities of the LilyPad Arduino. After an accelerometer detects the orientation of the decoration, the decoration plays a day or night theme through a piezoelectric speaker and flashes LEDs.

LilyPad Arduino